MEDITATION, Cold Wax and Oil painting by Jude Lobe

With Cold Wax & Oil, you are building up layers. The beginning layers allow a cushion to impress your base textures some of which may or may not be visible in the final stages. You can obscure some parts of layers with painting over with brushes, brayers, scrapers, etc., and reveal layers beneath by scraping, applying solvents, scratching (sgraffito), etc.

It’s a process of adding and subtracting. Along the way, your vision will begin to appear.

You can add materials like fabrics, metal, papers, and so on and embed them in the layers or make it more 3-D.

To me, working in Cold Wax and Oil represents the history of a life that becomes the compilation of bits and pieces of one’s past experiences.

This piece on the left includes an enameled piece of copper, a patinaed copper and etched copper (the water lily).  Click on the image to visit my website. And feel free to comment on this blog.