MEDITATION, Cold Wax and Oil painting by Jude Lobe

With Cold Wax & Oil, you are building up layers. The beginning layers allow a cushion to impress your base textures some of which may or may not be visible in the final stages. You can obscure some parts of layers with painting over with brushes, brayers, scrapers, etc., and reveal layers beneath by scraping, applying solvents, scratching (sgraffito), etc.

It’s a process of adding and subtracting. Along the way, your vision will begin to appear.

You can add materials like fabrics, metal, papers, and so on and embed them in the layers or make it more 3-D.

To me, working in Cold Wax and Oil represents the history of a life that becomes the compilation of bits and pieces of one’s past experiences.

This piece on the left includes an enameled piece of copper, a patinaed copper and etched copper (the water lily).  Click on the image to visit my website. And feel free to comment on this blog.



Pretty in Purple,  Oil on board by Jude Lobe

Pretty in Purple, Oil on board by Jude Lobe

This month I was crazy for water lilies. The lilies in my pond were getting ready for the winter and put away all their lovely blooms. Feeling nostalgic, I pulled out images I took earlier in the year when visiting Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and got all inspired. This was one of the first paintings that emerged.

It’s a 10″ X 10″ X 1.5″  oil painting on cradled board. It’s for sale for $300 which includes taxes and shipping anywhere in the conterminous  US.  Just email me below.

Water lilies are perennial plants that usually grow in dense colonies. Flowers grow from stalks arising from thick, fleshy, creeping underwater stems that are buried in the mud. Some flowers bloom at the base of the pad making them appear as though they are sitting on the pad. Others have their stalks extending high above the pad, like these purple beauties. Each bloom has a spiral arrangement of its petals.

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Ponderings, by Jude Lobe, Oil on linen, 30X40, $1250

Waterlilies will always be synonymous with Monet. Every time we see a painting of water lilies we can’t help but be reminded of his works. And so artists try and stay away from painting them, however, they seduce us with their perfect beauty. Not only their beautiful shapes of foliage and wide range of colors depending on the place in the sky from where the sun shines but also the place where they dwell. That amazing water that reflects the colors of the flowers, sky and trees. 

How can an artist hold back from trying to capture the beauty of those scenes. I certainly cannot. And so the artist unfairly risks the viewer commenting, “oh, copying Monet”. Of course, we are not. We are just as awestruck as Monet. As are photographer artists, yet lucky for them, they are never compared with Monet.

Water lilies not only are beautiful themselves, but they choose to dwell in the most serene and lovely surroundings. I suspect I will be painting them for many more years. There are different perspectives to choose, and times of day to confront and explore.

They also inspire poets and writers. Like this quote from Jacqueline Close Moore:

“A pristine waterlily undiscouraged by its surroundings, rises from the depths of a murky pond. It’s lotus petals perfume the air, as it flowers and blooms brilliantly, purely, divinely, despite and probably because of its origins. Becoming a spiritual person does not mean you to leave your prior life behind, but instead you integrate, learn, remember, and respect what brought you to this point  in the first place.” 

And Henry David Thoreau wrote,

“But it chanced the other day that I scented a white water-lily…. It is the emblem of purity…. What confirmation of our hopes is in the fragrance of this flower! “

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