TWO TREES ON HORIZON, 8X18, Cold Wax & Oil, $375 (Click on image to visit website)

It doesn’t matter what time of year, how cold, how hot, when I see birds in a waterscape, peace flows over me. Birds give us so much just in their existing, yet many of us have no idea what their needs are for them to survive. We hear of birds becoming extinct when their native habitats disappear, but apparently it doesn’t sink in that the habitat didn’t have to disappear.

Ecology needs to be taught in school beginning very early so that it is ingrained. Then perhaps our planning boards wouldn’t thoughtlessly allow development everywhere. Perhaps, then, developers wouldn’t consider clear-cutting land to put up concrete parking lots and buildings. They would understand that trees don’t grow there just to be used to provide wood.

Hasn’t it occurred to everyone yet, that trees, their roots, their leave, are protecting our soils from erosion? Do they not understand that roots and leaves are absorbing and using the heavy rains that fall to grow. Haven’t they realized how much cooler in the summer it is to stand under a tree than lean against their car on a macadam parking lot? Please, take a walk in the forest and tell me trees aren’t important for controlling temperatures.

And the next time you take a deep breath remember to thank a tree for providing the oxygen and improving the air quality. Hmm. How wonderful when building roads to include a large medium strip with trees and plants.  Just imagine how that design might have changed the pollution levels in places like Peking and Los Angeles, not to mention making a pleasant drive home from work.

Yes, those beautiful trees aren’t there for us to cut down. Besides being a home for those beautiful birds, one acre of plants absorb six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. Plants filter the air by removing dust and absorbing other pollutants including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Let’s all go out and plant a tree or shrub. It can do a body good.




SEEING SIMPLICITY, Cold Wax & Oil, 18X24, by Jude Lobe

SEEING SIMPLICITY, Cold Wax & Oil, 18X24, by Jude Lobe

If someone were to ask me what I did last week or even yesterday, I couldn’t tell them. The day and week were filled with a host of extraneous errands that keep me from my list of want-to-do’s. But there isn’t any one thing I could actually say I did that made me feel I accomplished something.

I have goals and things I want to accomplish. My ultimate goal is to declutter, down-size, simplify my life and complete an artwork every day. But little extraneous “stuff” always seems to pop-up keeping me from achieving my goals. I truly think that if Einstein were still around, he would have proven that time is, in fact, moving faster. There seemed to be so much more time when I was in school, to think. To just sit and read and think.

So what does all that have to do with this cold wax and oil painting above? Well, I had turned off my cell phone and headed for the studio the other day. This cold wax and oil painting began as just basically playing around with drawing and coloring. Several layers of varying colors were squeegied on the board. Usually I alternate a light layer and dark layer. Then I began by taking a potter’s tool, a stick with smooth, somewhat pointed end, and drew lines with no pre-meditation of thought. Afterwards, I picked up my brush and  mixed different color oil paints with wax and painted in the shapes. Feeling quite relaxed with no real theme in mind, I continued adding textures, designs, and after awhile I hung the piece on the wall and I noticed the window.

It seemed to me to illuminate my feelings of late, where I have the sensation I am so busy but can’t really enumerate my accomplishments. The mood of this painting exactly expresses my sense of being overloaded and engaged in many activities that do not yield me the satisfaction or triumph of accomplishment. Oh, how I would love to be able to turn off the incoming traffic, ie: cell phones, daily routines of preparing meals, and so on, and just read, paint and garden. Like that crow peering through the window, I’m seeking simplicity in my life.

I wonder if anyone else has those feelings of wanting to escape to a quieter environment.