ART: It’s good for your health



Defectors From Giverny, 30X40 oil by Jude Lobe

The next time you are having a stressed day, take some time off and go to a local art gallery and enjoy the art. When you walk back out the door, I bet you will find yourself in much better spirits and able to handle whatever it is you need to do.

Our physiology is deeply effected by feelings and emotion. Try to keep a balance of good feelings in close proximity to yourself during the day. Perhaps a small painting on  your desk, or larger one on the wall. Maybe a piece of art at home in your kitchen to look at before you walk out the door. Or a calming artwork on the wall of your bedroom to send you off to a peaceful night’s rest.
A local gallery in the Triangle,NC is Hillsborough Gallery of Arts.

If ENAMELING, wear a respirator


For all those considering or already doing enameling, please take heed. Wear a respirator, and not just any particulate dusk mask. One rated NS-97 or above.

Enamel is ground glass. Yes, ground glass! That means all those tiny “dust” particles are sharp and if they get into your lungs you are in trouble. Most enameling classes do not emphasize this strongly enough. In fact, many instructors don’t require students to wear masks and they don’t wear masks. WEAR A MASK!

Also, when cleaning up, use a wet disposable towel, even for mopping up the floor.
The above pictured respirator is available at Home Depot for about $25. If you find a better deal, let me know. Click the image to link to the page on Home Depot.

Osprey Studio’s ENCAUSTIC Worshops

Have you seen hot wax (encaustic) paintings and wondered if you’d like to try it, but didn’t want to invest in all the materials until you were sure? You are in luck. Osprey Studio is now offering Encaustic workshops and supplying all the materials including the boards.

One-day workshop: 10-2 pm.
Instructors: Jude Lobe & Carol Engler  
Location: Osprey Studio, Mebane, NC
Date: Saturday, July 23, 2016, 10-2pm.
Cost: $125 (Includes lunch, coffee/tea/wine)
All materials will be supplied including boards. At the end of the workshop you should have completed at least 2 works of art.

This workshop is designed to give one the basic information and techniques to get started creating in encaustics. In this workshop students will learn:

• Materials needed to begin working in encaustics.
• What type supports to use and how to prepare them.
• Creating colored wax from earth pigments.
• Embedding objects, fabric or paper into the painting.
• Fusing layers and learning heat control.
• Inscribing and making texture.
• Applying alcohol ink.
• Sources for supplies.


Instructors: Jude Lobe and Carol Engler
Location: Horseshoe Farm, Westfield, NC
Dates: Saturday & Sunday. Three sessions are set up. AUG 13/14, SEPT 17/18, & OCT 15/16
Cost: $300. (Includes overnight accommodations, Saturday lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch)
Spend the night in the cabin on-site.  Limited to 5 persons.
All materials will be supplied. At the end of the workshop you should have completed at least 3 works of art.

Come spend the weekend in a beautiful venue to rejuvenate and learn encaustic painting. Spend free time hiking trails in the woods along the river and  lake, cooling off  in the swimming pool, and relaxing at night in the hot tub with a glass of wine.

We will have 3 sessions on Saturday with breaks for lunch and dinner. On Sunday we will begin with breakfast then have a session. There will also be some free time that you can work on your encaustics. After breaking for lunch, participants will have the afternoon to work on their own or enjoy the surroundings or both. If you want to hike on Sunday, a lunch bag with sandwich and drink will be prepared for you.

This lake is located at the bottom of the hill from the cabin.

This lake is located at the bottom of the hill from the cabin.

What will be covered
• Materials needed to begin working in encaustics
• What type supports to use and how to prepare them
• Creating colored wax from earth pigments
• Embedding objects, fabric or paper into the painting
• Fusing layers and learning heat control
• Inscribing and making texture
• Applying alcohol ink
• Sources for supplies

To sign up or see more information: CLICK HERE


Some friends of ours, Larry Vellani & Peg Boswell of Mebanesville, and Al & Carol Engler, would host birthday parties for Joe Thompson. That’s where I met him. What a gentle, friendly soul. At the time he was enjoying a second round of celebrity, having been rediscovered by the Carolina Chocolate Drops who were interested in learning from Thompson about black string band music.


Fiddlin’ Joe Thompson, Oil, 24 X 36, $500. 

There were many musicians that showed up at those parties and they were too photogenic to not want to paint. I did many paintings of several of them including, fiddler and banjo player Paul Mitchell, all three of the then Carolina Chocolate Drops, Lightnin’ Wells and Joe.  Those paintings are all sold, however, I kept this one in my studio. I am now ready to let it go. If you have an interest, email me. art at jude lobe . com.

Here’s an article about him when he died at the age of 93, that appeared in the New York Times.  CLICK

the Eno will flow thru Hillsborough Gallery

Screen shot 2015-12-08 at 2.07.38 PM

F L O W . . .

Will fea­ture the work of Gallery artists and local poets. The theme focuses on Nature and the Envi­ron­ment and will be ded­i­cated to the Eno River Asso­ci­a­tion. Orga­ni­za­tion rep­re­sen­ta­tives will be speak­ing. There will be an option
for mak­ing dona­tions to the orga­ni­za­tion.

HGA artists and local poets will be exhibiting their artworks inspired by nature and the Eno River from January 25, 2016 to February 21, 2016. The opening of the show will be on Friday, January 29th, from 6 – 9 pm.

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts
121 N. Churton St., Hillsborough, NC 27278.  

The river and nature are my muses and I will be doing several pieces all with the river theme to be displayed when HGA does the next installation in January.


ART – MUSIC – FUN Gear up for Holiday shopping to purchase unique art items. The event, held at Jill Troutman’s beautiful home gallery at 1089 Foxcliff Dr., will be filled with Art, Music, Food and Fun.

An amazing show of ten artists’ artworks in a plethora of mediums: jewelry, paintings in oil, acrylic and cold wax & oil, encaustics, enamels, collage, clothing, scarves, sculptures, fiber art, metal work, pottery, photography and delicious chocolates.

Along with Jill Troutman, artists showcased include Martha Hamblin, Milton Hall, Sherwood Hill, Jude Lobe, Pat Scheible, Betty Tyler and Seagrove potters, Stephanie Martin and Jeff Dean.

And this year’s new invitees includes Matthew Shepherd, chocolatier from Hillsborough. Here’s a nice little clip about him: CHOCOLATES

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015:  9 am – 5 pm
Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015: 1 – 5 pm  

So think about giving a gift of art to yourself or a friend. It’s like giving healing, uplifting, encouraging cheers throughout the year when giving someone the gift of art.


It’s funny what inspires a new painting. Sometimes it’s a scene your viewing that speaks to your heart. Or maybe it’s a quirky expression you hear or a feeling from a book you just read. 

Thinking Lavender

Thinking Lavender, encaustic by Jude Lobe, $65. Click on image to visit website and through the website you can contact me.

These hot summer days bring me back to a vacation we had in France a few years ago. Two of the weeks were spent in Provence where lavender was around every corner. Whether the lavender was growing in the fields, in scented oil at the farmer’s market or decorating a tablecloth, it was ubiquitous.

So last week I heated up the griddle and began working on a few little encaustics. They are done on a 2X4 cut to about 7″ long. Before I begin the painting with encaustic I attach the hook on the back. It’s usually a piece of copper that I forge into a swirling shape and tack onto the back.

Then I tape the sides so the wax doesn’t drip on the sides. I would still have the option to wax the sides if I wanted to when I finished.

Now I have several options; I can gesso the front, attach a canvas piece to it, or leave it bare. Once I decide that, I begin putting layer upon layer on to the block, fusing each layer to the one below it with a torch.

Then it gets more free flowing as I will sketch, scratch and/or paint with the colored wax back and forth from one technique to another until I am happy with the result.

I have to admit, sometimes I start a piece with no real intent and as the colors and layers go on, they remind me of something and I move in that direction. It’s quite fun. If you haven’t tried, please do. If you’re local, you can call me. I do one-on-one sessions with all materials provided.